Podcast 8/28/2012

Dear Two Johns,
Long time listener, first time emailer.
I am convinced that Vinokourov is Rolf from the Sound of Music.  I mentioned this to my wife whilst watching this movie with her and she thought I was crazy and proceeded to get mad at me for always bringing cycling into every conversation we have.  How can we be sure that Vino is Vino and not some child movie star or descendant thereof, perhaps he’s a vampire and will never age, which would explain his blood doping suspension a few years back.  Just look at them.  They look IDENTICAL.
Robbie Canuck

*** errors and omissions:

– We apologize for the sometimes garbled audio feed.   We continue to work on polishing the production level but this podcast had an occasional audio feed issue

-We are aware there is a riders’ union

-We are aware of the inconsistency of some of our content and rider commentary with the Olympic winner and other issues discussed in the podcast. ***

Much has happened since our last podcast, 5 new iphones have been released, the world knows a new boy band and we have both probably gotten 1/16″ shorter.  None the less, the Two Johns are back and podcasting! The promise of another cyclocross season has got us all a chatter talking about Kingswood TT’s, equipment and a bigger than ever.  The podcast starts off covering some of the events that transpired since our last podcast.  We wind up griping about how modern bikes don’t meet the quality of previous eras…


Among the endeavors since the last podcast…



8 Responses to “Podcast 8/28/2012”

  1. Dre says:

    I am so excited that there is a new Podcast, I just moved from my native Minnesota to Bellingham, Washington and am dangerously close to the land of Cervelo’s and Cheap prescriptions, and tonight was beginning to miss home. However on my road trip I had the Two Johns with me, and I think I should have been taking notes as I could have completed the work Auditor Blue nobly (albeit briefly) talked about doing in creating the Two Johns Archive. My plan for the night was to sit down and watch Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (which I have never seen), as John K (Sluggish John/The Voice of Reason) seems to love it so much, and if I had time I would watch Breaking Away, or Top Gun/Days of Thunder in honor of John G (Kenny Loggins/Lady’s man John). I am very happy you two are back on the case, I moved out here for the cycling, and thank goodness I listened to the podcast stating that making career decisions based on cycling was ok, please refer to Podcast…in minute number… Wait, what’s that sound at the door… Johns, anyone, it’s auditor Blue, it’s the guy from the Fredcast, he got into the room, he just put his hand into my chest, ahhhh ahahhhahahah, Agent Smith, everything sounds like the Fredddcaaaasssst.

    “Do you think the Shoeless Puma still lives in Seattle, she sounds awesome. I am Dre, 24, and enjoy long walks on the beach, and would enjoy getting down to talking about the wonder that is the Shoeless Puma. Consider this the bat-signal.”

    Love Dre

  2. Ralph d'Huez says:

    Thanks guys, I was getting worried. I highly recommend watching as much Vuelta as you can find here in the States, which is not much but it’s been a fantastic race so far.

  3. roadfrog says:

    Great to have you back. Now that CX season is upon us, I am hoping to hear some consistency. OK, I will beg…..please, please, please. You guys are the greatest!

  4. roadfrog says:

    One more thing. Why do I have a smile on my face when Froome gets dropped in the mountains by the Spanish boys in the Vuelta this year? I think I partially blame him for a bland 2012 Tour de France.

  5. DERF says:

    Oh how I’ve waited… Then, to my disappoinment they turn to local news and it’s cx news.. literally switched off the podcast..

    You guys are like having a gay child… I would love my child no matter what… but there are some things I prefer just not know about..

    I’ll tune in next year when the CX season is finished and cycling starts afresh…


  6. roadfrog says:

    God forbid your gay child races CX.
    For the record, I love gay children…oops, did I say that.

  7. Welcome back, 2JPC! I have missed your witty, witty banter. And unlike DERF, I rather enjoy the Cinci racing gossip and all things CX. :)

    To Dre: bat signal received. I’ve heard the riding is excellent in Bellingham…

  8. fun run robbie says:

    Did enjoy the podcast , I hope for many more this winter .A 2 Johns Podcast law is to share. My son at Southampton University sent an SOS home for a bike , I gave him my latest MB http://www.funrunrobbie.co.uk.

    Cheers Johns
    ps. I have sent in a question


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