Gun Club CX Announcer Auditions

Think you’ve got the pipes to announce one of the OVCX races?  Want to be a part of the excitement that is the Gun Club Cyclocross race on October 14?  Are you willing and able to announce the entire day?  Call 513-253-0180 and give me 1 to 2 minutes of your best Dave Towle.  I’ll select the winner about 2 weeks before the event.

If you are selected I’ll pay you $100 for the day’s announcing plus breakfast, lunch, and I may even let you shoot the shotgun to start one of the races.

Good luck — John G.

2 Responses to “Gun Club CX Announcer Auditions”

  1. Scott says:

    I’m not an announcer type, but it could be fun to let different people shoot the start gun? Maybe series leaders up to that point can shoo the start gun at some point during the day if they want? Just an idea.

  2. John no Hotel and flight. Darn it…


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