James Startt Interview

Jim Startt is a former teammate and old friend.  He has lived in Paris for over 20 years covering pro cycling.  His iconic photographs have appeared in many cycling publications, in books, and online.  He has published numerous books on the sport and of his pictures.  He’s Bicycling Magazine’s European Correspondent.  I sat down with him at a Paris cafe to talk to him about his work and the Tour de France.

James-Startt & Laurent Jalebert

Other things Jim has done/is doing – books, bands, etc…

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  1. Fun Run Robbie says:

    My fantacy TDF team called the “Two Johns Podcast Triathlon Club”

    Picked some classy riders for the team gentlemen!!!!

    FRR [Sir} Olympic ambassador to Lord Seb Coe

  2. Fun Run Robbie says:

    25 years ago

    My very 1st TDF on UK TV watching highlights every night on Channel 4. Seems like yesterday.


  3. Fun Run Robbie says:

    Found it the origional theme music for the 1987 TDF UK Channel 4 cycling , makes your hair stand up on the back of the neck.

    Nadal out of Wimbledon, Andy Murray could he win it?
    Bradley with his team , a bit like Motorala without the drugs
    could he win?

    Its the Queens golden jubilee year

    Olympics in 30 days

    Lets Roll and show the world how us Brits do sport

    Your Old Chum

    Fun Run Robbie [Sir]


  4. Fun Run Robbie says:

    Hi Boys,
    You Yankee lads want to take on us brits, then join,

    http://velogames.com/ code no 22090509 for the Velo Club Don Logan , here is your chance to square up to us Scots.

    “Are you ready to dance greengo’s”


  5. FunRunRobbie says:

    Happy Birthday To John G.


  6. FunRunRobbie says:

    Hi Johns , What a TDF, every day is nerve jangling , as we all know it will just take 1 fall and wiggo’s TDF is over.



  7. Fun Run Robbie says:

    Look who won todays stage 18/7/12 29 years ago


    Not ling to the Olympics now

    Fun Run Robbie [Sir

  8. Alexander Vinokourov says:

    2 Johns,
    I Vino are now champion of Olympic. I listen to 2j podcast, I learn good trick and beat those cocky english for sure.

    I am in hot tub with olympic podium English ladies at Dorchester hotel.

    Vino say thank you and good training is wrestling with bear to make you strong rider.

    English team I gave you one hell of a beating today ,stick to winning little races in france , big races leave to Vino.



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