It’s a Ball

As a supplement to our last podcast where we talked about bearing care, here is a segment from the “How it’s Made” television series that I occasionally become obsessed with.

There is another segment of the series where the chain assembly is shown.  It also looks like there is a brief shot of the same Campagnolo inspection machine as seen on the cover of Rouleur Issue #23.

There will be a quiz at the end of the next podcast.


Podcast 8/28/2012

Dear Two Johns,
Long time listener, first time emailer.
I am convinced that Vinokourov is Rolf from the Sound of Music.  I mentioned this to my wife whilst watching this movie with her and she thought I was crazy and proceeded to get mad at me for always bringing cycling into every conversation we have.  How can we be sure that Vino is Vino and not some child movie star or descendant thereof, perhaps he’s a vampire and will never age, which would explain his blood doping suspension a few years back.  Just look at them.  They look IDENTICAL.
Robbie Canuck

*** errors and omissions:

- We apologize for the sometimes garbled audio feed.   We continue to work on polishing the production level but this podcast had an occasional audio feed issue

-We are aware there is a riders’ union

-We are aware of the inconsistency of some of our content and rider commentary with the Olympic winner and other issues discussed in the podcast. ***

Much has happened since our last podcast, 5 new iphones have been released, the world knows a new boy band and we have both probably gotten 1/16″ shorter.  None the less, the Two Johns are back and podcasting! The promise of another cyclocross season has got us all a chatter talking about Kingswood TT’s, equipment and a bigger than ever.  The podcast starts off covering some of the events that transpired since our last podcast.  We wind up griping about how modern bikes don’t meet the quality of previous eras…


Among the endeavors since the last podcast…



Gun Club CX Announcer Auditions

Think you’ve got the pipes to announce one of the OVCX races?  Want to be a part of the excitement that is the Gun Club Cyclocross race on October 14?  Are you willing and able to announce the entire day?  Call 513-253-0180 and give me 1 to 2 minutes of your best Dave Towle.  I’ll select the winner about 2 weeks before the event.

If you are selected I’ll pay you $100 for the day’s announcing plus breakfast, lunch, and I may even let you shoot the shotgun to start one of the races.

Good luck — John G.

James Startt Interview

Jim Startt is a former teammate and old friend.  He has lived in Paris for over 20 years covering pro cycling.  His iconic photographs have appeared in many cycling publications, in books, and online.  He has published numerous books on the sport and of his pictures.  He’s Bicycling Magazine’s European Correspondent.  I sat down with him at a Paris cafe to talk to him about his work and the Tour de France.

James-Startt & Laurent Jalebert

Other things Jim has done/is doing – books, bands, etc…

Urban Groove Unit



VéloGuide – Top Ten

Top ten tips for people coming to a VéloVacations Provence Camp:

1 – Bring your own seat

If you are renting a bike from us bring your own seat.  “My hoo ha hurts,” I heard one female client say to another.  I can adjust angle, height, fore and aft but nothing is like your own saddle.

2 – Provence is hilly

There are multiple mountain ranges around Malaucene.  A 100k ride can feel much longer.  Any ride that goes over the Ventoux feels really long.  Going up the Ventoux in anything under 2 hours is going to be very hard for you.

3 – Yes, you can drink the tap water 

4 – No, you cannot get a coffee to go

The French would think you are from Mars if you ask and there is no cup to put it in.

5 – Portions and drinks are small

Just live with the fact that your 1664 is going to come in a 25cl bottle.  Don’t order two at once.  Just drink your beer slowly.

6 – Say hello, please, and thank you

Learning to say these things in French is not difficult.  Use them when you enter and exit a shop.  If you don’t you will be thought to be rude, a thief, or both.

7 – Chamois

No need to each breakfast in chamois.  Or do anything else but cycling, for that matter, in chamois.  Chamois is your friend on the bike but your enemy off.

8 – Do not pass someone on the right

Should not have to explain this one.

9 – Do not stop in the middle of the street

You might be on vacation but the white-van-man driver is not and will run you down. Pull off the road and take your picture of the lovely chateau.

10 – Prepare to be photographed

When climbing the Ventoux there are photographers near the top who will snap your pic then hand you a little slip of paper with their website where you can go and find yourself in full climbing glory.  Normally they are within 3k of the summit and set up a sign or roadside banners to alert you of their presence.  Wipe the snot off your face, zip up that jersey, compose yourself so you can get a PRO picture like this.

Do not do this…

Or this…

Ok, one more –

11 – Tip your guides

We have taken care of you, your bikes, and your rides.  A little something for the effort is greatly appreciated.


I have worked as a cycling guide in France for the past 10 years for VéloSport Vacations.  We lead clients through France watching the Tour de France, riding in Provence, or climbing the Alpes and Pyrenees.  Each trip I learn something.  This summer I’ll be based in Malaucene at the foot of Mt. Ventoux.